Word of Honor Archive

This is an archive for word of honor (2021) only.

compiled by: elle, jean, maha, asha, nana, and harleen

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Most of these videos are not hardsubbed. However, subtitle files (.srt) will be provided.The subtitle file has the same name as its corresponding video file.
How to add the subtitle (.srt) files to the videos:

1. Download the video from the folder.
2. Download the subtitle from the subtitle files folder.
3. How to add SRT file on a video: Read from part 3 (adding the subtitle file with VLC here)

this folder includes the following:

episodes: folder is not available for viewing ; see FAQs
available subs: English, Korean, Arabic, Indo, Thai, Polish Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Viet.unavailable subs: Portuguese: 1-11 only ; Russian: 1-34 onlyunavailable special ep subs: Polish, Portuguese and Russianfor 4K eps: here by serika ; this is available for viewing
behind the scenes:
free BTS: posted by Youku, soft-subbed ; subtitle files are available in English, Thai, Viet, Spanish and Indo.paid BTSthis folder also has the leaked wenzhou forehead touching video, the director pushing lld towards each other gif and the Happy Birthday ZZH bts with the first table script reading video (thank you to manggaetteoke96 for this vid!).
special thanks to xincube, PtitOcelot and s_kinanti for sharing their saved files!

This folder is available for viewing and includes the following:

main concert
D1 & D2 FULL Concert: main stage, artist seat and backstage ; English hard-subbedD1 & D2 UNCUT ver : main stage and artist seat 산하령 0504 콘서트 한글자막 : 여기
other content:
concert trailerBTS: soft-subbedbackstage interviews: English captions available if watching from the drive.
special thanks to princesscarryme, sookie390, MMereh, Eainsi and Ally for sharing their saved files!

This folder includes the following:

official pictures for the first and last day of filmingfansite pictures (leaks) during filmingHarper Bazaar Magazine Shoot : photoshoot and video BTS
saved files by taisuis

This folder includes the following:

official releases from Youku:
side story highlights: soft-subbed, available in English, Indo, Spanish, Thai and Viet.drama: trailers, posters, and stillsOST : studio ver, live concert ver, official MVsSHL ART: official art and edits posted by Youku.
cast related content:
weibo : cast weibo posts, and profile picsdouyin clips
other content:
merchandise - Special thanks to Min for the help with the merch!mini-manhua (now deleted from 快看 manhua ) translated here

This includes episodes, videos, promotional posters and stills of their advertisement commercials, variety shows, livestreams and interviews during Word of Honor's promotion period.

The Youku Livestreams only has soft Chinese subs, but are already captioned in the drive. Click auto-translate to translate into your desired language.For the interview clips folder, it contains only LLD interviews and Zhang Zhehan's interviews for Word of Honor's promotion. For Gong Jun's interviews, please search gongjun_ on twitter, they have translated a lot and archived them.The interviews folder do not contain soft English subs, please click the other translations for a list of eng subbed interviews, as well as some clips of their livestreams.
Special thanks to zzhellyfish, shenyeets, and gongjunsays for helping us find some of their ads!